"Your Personality makes the difference in successful Derivatives Trading"

Tim Stegmann cultivated a sustainable, repeatable and success proven Options Trading Strategy that enabled him to almost constantly outperform major US indices over the past 7 years. Through his natural trading approach he helps you to achieve the best possible match between an advanced personality and the affiliated trading strategy.

20+ Years of Experience

More than 20 years of experience in Options Trading through all market cycles including all kinds of highs and lows.

280% Realized Profits

More than 280% in realized profits within the past 5 ½ years only, continuing. Intermediate high at 480%.

100% Success Proven

Since 2013 all trades have been electronically recorded and testified by a certified tax consultant.

Successful trading is not about having a secret trading formula and executing it randomly with a fast internet connection.

If you obtain profits and don´t know what your success factors have been, it is considered to be gambling. If this adds to more and more earnings and you still have no valid idea what the reasons for your sudden success are, you should start to be worried. And if you are beginning to believe that you cracked a secret code based on these previous achievements, you are already in great danger.

However, there is one thing that you might immediately learn : right at the top of every winning streak it is very reliable to bet that one is on the best way to significant losses if you do not start to immediately reflect and wake up. At the mentorbird Options Trading Masterclass, you will learn that there are only two very powerful success factors that you should master to almost perfection :

I will help you to cultivate a success driven but tamed trader´s mindset and equip you with the matching trading approach so you will be able to sustainably go your own way to success.

Are you ready ? It is time to act.

Join the mentorbird Youtube Channel for a completely free learning experience that regularly grows and helps you to build up your own skills and experience – especially designed for those who are new to the topic and like to get an easy but impressive entry point. In case you already built up personal trading skills and like to engage in cash trading, please preregister for the mentorbird Weekly Trading Program that allows you to mirror weekly or biweekly trades with relevant explanations as they get executed.

Option Traders who identified a need for individual mentoring and coaching will find the mentorbird One-on-One Program to be up and running. It helps you to analyse and understand your current situation, creates a development plan with individual action items and finally guides you towards your own, successful trades. This is an individual One-on-One experience with limited availability but probably best results. Please contact for further details.

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