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Tim Stegmann is a passionate, 46 years old successful Options Trader with more than 20 years of experience. Although he is based in Germany, he operates primarily in the US markets and officially documents his performance in a non editable way already since the year 2013 through Interactive Brokers.

With his person, he embodies and acts according to the following success relevant values :

Sustainability – Tim´s trading approach is designed to be repeatable and with a long term character. This requires permanent, relentless direct confrontation with one´s own personality. As a result, executed business transactions can be planned, verified and always rationally justified. This ensures peace of mind and stability in everyday trading.

Honesty – One of the basic prerequisites for personal development and successful trading is honesty with yourself and others. This enables a later congruence of an individual trading approach with oneself and is the basis for successful options trading.

Perseverance and discipline – success is no accident. It requires a clear goal that is driven by valid motivation. Endurance means not to give up in challenging times and on the other hand not to carelessly lose ground in phases of euphoria. Always choosing a balanced path in the middle requires a high degree of self discipline.

As a result, Tim´s officially testified achievements from late 2013 until mid of May 2020 have been >280% TWR (Time Weighted Rate of Return) / 791% MWR (Money Weighted Rate of Return).

Considering 2 holiday seasons with a duration of about 12 months in total, he realized an average annual interest rate of 20,6% p.a. based on retained earnings over the past 5,5 years and therefore constantly outperformed major indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial, NASDAQ Composite as well as the German DAX. 

Tim´s formula for success is to sharpen one´s individual personality to flawlessly master a powerful but basic, easy to understand trading strategy that works in rising, falling or even flat market environments. This approach of becoming the best version of yourself needs full dedication, willpower and the courage to face one´s greatest fears but is an amazing and enriching experience not only in a trader´s life. Tim is excited to accompany you on your way ! 
Besides profitable Options Trading, mentoring and coaching in Options Trading are the core disciplines of mentorbird GmbH.

It is time to act. Get in touch with Tim :

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